Mohnen Substantial 272

Reg #: 17292558 Mohnen Substantial 272

We used Substantial AI for his proven calving ease with added muscle shape and performance. He sires excellent feet and legs in an maternal package. 13 sons sell.

SAV Rainfall 6846

Reg #: 18578963 SAV Rainfall 6846

Rainfall sires length, soundness, and unmistakeable herd bull presence in his sons. His daughters are stunning in an elegant maternal package. Rainfall sets himself apart with dominating hop and rear-leg structure with muscle shape and flawless phenotype. A $ Weaning leader that offers a strong MARB and REA predictions in an easy fleshing, big bodied, good footed design. He brings calving ease, maternal strength, and performance together. 4 sons sell in this sale.

U-2 Coalition 206C

Reg #: 18626847 U-2 Coalition 206C

Coalition was the high selling bull of the US ranch in Alberta, Canada. Purchased by Spickler Ranch South. His dam Eremite 1092 an outstanding Angus cow also purchased by Spickler Ranch South & M Diamond Angus Ranch of Wyoming. coalition stamps his progeny with great structure and breed character. We chose to use Colaition after visiting Nathan and Emily Spickler’s ranch in 2020. We were able to see numerous daughters in production. The consistency, udder quality, and the quiet disposition were huge gators in our decision to bring this potent breeding bull on board to our program. 14 sons are selling in this offering.

WMR Timeless 081

Reg #: 17083256 WMR Timeless 081

081 was used in our programs for his balanced EPDs and outdoes pedigree stacked with maternal legends. 081 sires hight performing cattle that are deep bodied, easy fleshing, and great fotted. 13 sons sell in this offering.

YA Rito 638

Reg #: 18746149

We viewed 638 at Rick and Lynnete Hansen’s Ranch by Froid, Montana. They had purchased the bull from Yadon Angus, of Manhattan, MT. He was an impressive individual, length, depth of body, and muscle were attributes that stuck out as well as his perfect feet. I used hi AI and was surprised how reasonable the birth weights were. 638 has proven to be a consistent sire of type and kind. 6 sons selling.